station theme

The drive between the places that I love
Is much shorter than it used to be
The service roads can take me
Where I need to go
The early riser waits at the station
Patiently alone

The people nod, the lot will board the trucks
The engines make the earth to shake
Passing by the lake and
Trees in perfect rows
The hardest worker leans against a rock
He waves hello

Light falls away straight down the hill
Trucks have left out for the day
The land is slowly carved away
The place I can call home
The hardest worker drives away
Happily alone

The fun will end, the work has moved to the far north home
Passing stations that we left a long time ago
He tended gardens by the gate for 10 years now
They'll grow and love to shade the place
For the dogs and the cows

the captain

I'll just be here - moving with the shade
Her clothes smelled like beer. - They're just kids drinking all day
Throw my coat on - I sneak out with the crowd
And left the attic lights on - They'll know I'm gone by now

Our friends will be fine - as he barrels through the leaves
And sounds like footsteps - falling constantly
He stands his ground when - snow weighs down the trees
The time and place for - sights we rarely see

The captain laughs in your face
Says you have no other place
To come and go as you please
Where it's still hot in the shade


Bad at looking busy

Could you wonder what they've seen
From the hanging branches blowing
Courage to look down without fear of falling
But any other time, face down outside
The sun heats my back as the world goes by

Could you wonder what they've seen
2 inches from the ground
pushing away dirt and leaves
They barely make a sound
They'll forever be free from a war torn land
To burrow underground never seen again

Frostbitten hands from working in the cold
Dreaming of the day when we get to go home
'Cause I've gone days out here without saying a word
Until he switches off the light
The only one we've known

The sprawl has left the lights
At the end of alleyways
With wasted spoken word Of better past days
To an empty dark room the words bounce and they fly
They'll never find an ear.  They'll never know why. 

Pull yourself together, we're both bad a looking busy
Watching a tire swing fill with snow
Blocking view of our only window


There's a note left under a rock at the edge of the table
The air is dry, the sky is grey
The thunder is making it's way


He thinks out loud as he leans across the table
Hiding steps away for the willing and the able
The wind's cutting deep and the world here holds fast
As he learns to appreciate a good nights rest 

Still the ones in front will have something to say
About sleeping on ground and the price to pay
As they move at night it's been like this for days
The father of the modern age escape 

Now Ihave to wonder how much time has passed
Since the first to walk here stopped to take a rest
The lay of all the known routes we see today
Then teach them how to deal with the worst of a winters day

Where the wind blows cold air over rocks down at the creek
They'll still find you
The trees up here are the best to hide but the worst to have to run through
If you have to

Still from what I've heard
They talk about us in the places that we've been
From the timber line to the looney ridge
They said hello from the back of postcards


the old 500

It's the answer to a fear of the dark
What's been watching us right from the start
Whatever breaks the light that shines under your door
Just let it know that we had a lot to give
But not a whole lot anymore

I'd like to help you take back what's yours
So he can climb to the rafters and watch the door
Through dry summer dust its hard to know exactly what he sees
But I'll take your word I still know the list of things it could be

But if it helps you sleep at night
We've been here for years doing fine
But the old 500 won't have a home to go to
Half will fade away the other stays young underwater

parking lots

I can now see differently
The parking lots where we used to drink
Passing by the early days
With the best of luck in open space

Falling out a bit too far into colder nights a lit cigar
Is watching me cross the street
Through smoke and fog
You'll never see his face

We drove out here on sunday nights
The gates still locked,  Door shut tight
It's more than we would ever need
Runway lights flashing green
To the beat
Engine steam, is all they'll see

Leaving the station at dawn

Music words

Everything at once

5 to 1 he is halfway to town
His friends hold the fort down
They can't be trusted but they'll do for now

The smell of gasoline and the taste
Of the quiet life, through the whole night
before the rest came down to say
Our friends somehow know too much
but they can run out to the lines
They have seen everything at once

When I found the spot on the WMA
There was only one way in or out
Of the cleared out spot we talked about
He said I'll be here for weeks

Don't tell your friends or family
Where you found me
Now he's moved away to the southern haunt
He sees a never-ending landscape
He sees everything at once

Past the lines in the dead pine trees
The foundation barely stands
The water stays frozen till
The early spring begins

The systems here underneath the ground
Of rivers and caves alike
The creatures that can't walk by day
Can roam here all the time


The crossed out lines on the map sometimes
Look like places we've never been before
Making coffee stains on rotten planks
We roamed outside today just to stay awake

The afternoon on Halloween was quiet cold and welcoming
The furnace burns a bit hotter than it has
In the past years I can recall
It's just we waited here all summer long

The car still sits on blocks outside
John drinks and pretends to drive
It will run one day just give him time
And he'll drive back years later to see
The house was much more fun when it was empty

This afternoon on Halloween, throwing rocks down the well
Just to find out how deep
This disaster that came to mind of the long forgotten north
Of flood and of fires I would guess

I hope these lights don't cut through the fog
It's our excuse when everything goes wrong
It seems our safe place has had a few close calls
So keep it up while we're gone

Good for the money

The night itself will clelebrate the empty feild
Soaked earth left hanging out to dry
And back to my corner where I wait for the call
Regarding bad weather did it say sorry at all

You should stop by for a moment if you can at all
What kind of bar has last call at 10
Back to the feilds pitch black night
We're still a force to be reckoned without time on our side

Just make up stories to make sense of what we don't know
And go to far off places with no place to go
If he calls to say he'll be there early
He probably means lunch but he's good for the money

Now the forward thinking minds
Saw the sign of the times
What have they found before me
What will they find when they leave
And back to the feilds in the pitch black night
We're still a force to be reckoned with time on our side



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